Benefits of the RCF Essentials Course.

  • Learn from world-leading RCF pioneers: Bent Flyvbjerg, Alexander Budzier, and their team

  • De-bias your projects with Nobel Prize-winning theory

  • Practice the three steps of RCF

  • Get hands-on experience with real data

  • Understand exactly why RCF is the most accurate forecasting method that exists

  • Accelerate your career by mastering the theory, methodology, and practice of RCF

What Does the RCF Essentials Course Include?

  • On-demand training videos and a variety of learning materials on the whys and hows of RCF, plus real-world case studies

  • Community-learning environment: network with instructors and peers for the duration of the course

  • Access to all learning resources with course videos, articles, training exercises, and the platform for 6 months after the course

  • Individual assignment with expert feedback and detailed RCF methodology walk-through

  • More than 30 hours of learning activities and materials that cater to different learning styles