For Whom Are These Courses Designed?

Our Reference Class Forecasting (RCF) courses are designed for anyone who wants to improve their project forecasting and make better decisions. Anyone with a secondary education will be able to follow the courses and do the calculations involved. No prior knowledge of RCF is required, but some familiarity with project planning and risk assessment will be useful.

Do I Need Access to a Special Software Package to Complete This Course?

No. RCF does not require any special software tools. You can complete the coursework using a spreadsheet tool such as Google Sheets or Excel.

Does this Course Work in My Time Zone?

The course is designed to accommodate different time zones. The learning content is available on-demand, so that you can study at a time that is convenient to you. The live sessions will be held at 14:00-15:30 GMT, allowing Europe and Africa and most of the Americas and Asia to interact online simultaneously. If you cannot attend the live sessions you can access them in recorded form instead.
Interested in enrolling but feel you have a time-zone problem?

Does This Course Focus on Specific Industries or Sectors?

RCF is applicable to any setting where decisions are made based on predictions or forecasts. At Oxford Global Projects, we have used RCF to improve forecasts in construction, manufacturing, retail, finance, software/IT, defense, transport, energy, government, mergers & acquisitions, among many others. RCF is equally valid in the public and private sectors. In the courses, you will encounter case studies from a variety of sectors and industries.

How Do I Become a Certified RCF Practitioner?

Certification is based on participation and on carrying out the course assignments. Certification is awarded to those who have completed the Certified RCF Practitioner course. These courses are the first of their kind. You will have the unique opportunity to study RCF with the experts who - quite literally - wrote the book on the methodology. Certified practitioners will be able to create their own reference class forecasts for their own projects

What Is the Time Commitment Required?

The RCF Essentials Course comprises:

  • 2 live, 90-minute workshops with lead instructors Professor Flyvbjerg & Dr. Budzier

  • Approx. 30 hours of other learning activities and materials to study over 4 weeks, including RCF videos, case studies, exercises, and readings

  • The next cohort will commence in 2022, exact dates will be announced

The Certified RCF Practitioner Course builds on the RCF Essentials Course. The course comprises:

  • 1 live, 90-minute workshop with lead instructors Professor Flyvbjerg & Dr. Budzier

  • 2 private sessions with OGP experts to guide your learning-by-doing; these will be arranged individually to accommodate your schedule

  • Approx. 40 hours of learning activities and materials to study over 6 weeks

  • You will be required to complete an RCF for your own project from scratch with OGP expert support (estimated 20 hours of work)

  • The next cohort will launch in 2022, exact dates will be announced

Can I Obtain Special Pricing and/or Private Sessions?

Private bookings for groups of learners may be negotiated, and special group rates are available. Whether for yourself, for a peer, or for a team you’re looking to grow, consider sharing this opportunity with colleagues who will benefit from RCF. Please contact us for more information.

Are Alternative Payment Methods Available?

You, or your sponsoring organization, can pay via bank transfer and receive an invoice from Oxford Global Projects. Once we receive the payment, we will enroll you on the course. Please contact us for more information.

When Is the Deadline for Enrollment?

Deadline for enrollment (and payment) for both the RCF Essentials course and the RCF Essentials + Certified RCF Practitioner is the day before the first workshop with Professor Flyvbjerg & Dr. Budzier. The RCF Essentials Course is a prerequisite for the Certified RCF Practitioner Course; however, you may choose to book the Certified Practitioner Course separately if you have already completed RCF Essentials.

Please note, there is a discount when buying both RCF courses now, as opposed to booking the Certification course separately.

Interested in booking privately?

Groups and organizations can be scheduled in at a later date. Please contact us.

The next cohort launches in 2022.

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